Crimson and Chocolate

Crimson and chocolate

Crimson and chocolate

They may not seem like much of a pair

Yet their taste is exceedingly rare

I guess she could taste the splendor

Though as for her taste, one is never to sure


Crimson and Chocolate

Crimson and Chocolate

Never will you meet such opposing things

Althought with a bat she take a few swings

You'd think a lady with looks divine

She'd think this pair is lovely and fine


Crimson was once a color of best

Superbly one better than all the rest

It turns out this just is not the case

For it is death surrounded with lace


Chocolate is so creamy and fair

That it is a candy none can compare

Yet though it is tasty and also so sweet

Too much of it, and you're dead as meat


Crimson and Chocolate

Crimson and Chocolate

Both are so deadly and evil, 'tis true

That is why they work like they do

They both seem lovely at first sight

Yet behind the surface, dark as night

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My community
My country
Our world
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