Crimes go unsolved

Each and everyday, Innocent lives are being taken away,

Crimes go unsolved,

Courtrooms are being occupied

What is the main reason for this?




The last thing I hear

Is the cry of parents

Searching for their last kids

While vulnerable, irresponsible humans try to find their

way into this world

Death tolls leave us uncertain of what to do

Still poor deprived people are left to suffer



With all these circumstances, we are left in the middle of nowhere.

What happened to the hostility and friendliness we once had?

Hugs and living without fear was once our food for the day

But now we wake up calling and making sure our loved ones are ok.

Should all this continue to occur, we will not live to see the last of our days.

So therefore we should stand as one nation and people irrespective of our race and fight

against violence,

Violence, indeed disfigures a country's image.

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