The crime doesn't fit your punishment

You hold a grudge in your heart, because a moment in time you were offended. Even when you said it's fine, I always knew you were pretending. I can forgive but never forget, That isn't forgiveness at all. You put me forever in your debt, first one to condemn me when I fall. To forgive IS to forget. That doesn't mean we didn't learn. Every possession that you hold dear, will eventually crumble then burn. Why the hate? Why the madness? Just live and let die. You pull the strings, I resist, Yet somehow you wonder why. There isn't room for hate in your heart, It's what keeps us living in the blind. A man was tortured, beat and publicly humiliated, Yet still he begged, "Father please forgive them" I haven't nailed you to a tree, I'm sorry if even once, I've made you feel convicted I've made mistakes along the way, but I know through him they are forgiven. I've felt betrayal just as much, But to every transgressor you are forgiven. I'm not a man of controversy, but consider what I have to say I don't NEED YOUR FORGIVENESS, It's you I'm worried that must be saved. You think I owe you for your suffering, It's the Devils work that brings you pain. You think I owe you money I stole, When at first I asked and you had no change. If you needed that money when I took it, Im sorry I thought it was extra and you didn't care. It was used to feed the hungry and the rejected, brought warmth and comfort for those who were suffering and in despair. Absolutely I'm sorry I hurt you, I never intentionally brought you pain, I was only being selfish, I didn't know I was playing right into the Devils game. Every person sins, But you're mad because I sin different? Did you notice the plank in your eye first, before you pointed out mine just to get attention. If you just say yes to charity and humanity, Desperate crimes will instead be blessings. Say yes to peace, and love your enemy's. Give more than just from your abundance, be the hero you dreamed you would one day be. Give in secret, as this is key, so that your reward will be waiting on judgement day. Don't declare to the world your mercy, for the applause of man is your reward that day. I lie and cheat and steal and swear, Your coat of perfection I notice is fake. You didn't notice the stains on yours, Because you were too busy judging the dirt and covered stains on theirs. You're perfectly human and so I love you, No matter what coat of pride you decide to wear. Take my money, steal my stuff, laugh and put me down. Discrace my name, make up lies, I'll still love you if you cut me down. LOVE is the message here, Priceless value, Unlimited power. An eternal gift even the poor can have, the power and mystery increasing by the hour. Why choose to be a weed in a garden? Pulled from the earth and thrown in the fire. When instead you can be the flower that was intended, unique and different, yet beautiful and admired. This entire time you thought you weren't special, a common weed among the beautiful and desired. Their plants didn't produce seeds, Eternity for them is one season in the garden. They are picked then judged, then forgotten immediately when disposed in the fire.

Even if you think youre just a weed, Even if you're perceived as not sweet but sour, Just remember to the kids who are the ones, a dandelion is a flower


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