Cries of Our Lives

Lives flying, silent cries and teary eyes
What more pain could you bring
The sweet whispers of lies
The passionate song that Death sings
The lost hope that soon flies
Along with those majestic wings
What more destruction could we bring?

We laugh, dance and continue our ways
Forgetting our sins that we made
Pushing those horrible deadly knives
Into those that have paid to save our worthless lives

We forgive and forget
That's what we do best
To blame those that are strong
To feed off more of our wrong
To worship our masters
Wishing to die faster

We shout at our Savior to help us
We plead with undying lust
We haunt his heart with greed
Trying our best to only feed
Whatever more that he could possibly bring

Father's...are you proud of your broken child?
Mother's...are you happy with a fatherless child?
Children...are you safe with your soul defiled? this the life you so desired?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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