Tue, 06/18/2013 - 15:28 -- xShirah

Cradle my heart carefully, inside your welcoming hands,
Read my lips of silence, like nobody else can.
Illuminate the darkness of my dreary thoughts,
Ever flowing is my tears from my heart, they just won’t stop.
Silence is my most earsplitting cry,
Can ANYONE hear me crying, in the midst of this emotional pigstye
Rivers of tears shine under the fluorescence of the blackest lights,
Imbrued is my eyesight and heart, as I face the darkness nights.
Everything in me, is crying out for a sense of release,
SOMEONE hear my silent cries, so my agonizing pain can cease!
Creatures of the past, taunt me until this very day,
Ripping and gnashing at my soul, tearing my heart away.
Immaculate my heart, I want the experience, not the pain,
Effulgence is what I need, a rainbow to my torrential rains.
Sorrowful screams, is what escapes my closed lips,
Could you bring your heart to my lips, before a hell made sound, slips.
Read my thoughts, and listen to my watery eyes,
I can’t even open my mouth to tell you, because I’m surrounded by Pandora’s cries.
Everywhere in this dull and dark void, I feel nothing but pain;
Screaming to my fragile soul, driving me completely insane.
Creatures of the past, keep me bound in a pit of nothingness,
Ruptured in chains of lies and deceit, breaking me to pieces.
Intolerable this darkness is becoming, consuming my very soul;
Eating away at my very essence, sending me head first to the burning coal.
Sadness overwhelms me, my silence consumes me, my lips are in locks,
Carrying these burdens of hell, straight out of Pandora’s box.
Realize; SOMEBODY; my life is on the brink of no more,
I can’t keep crying in the darkness, it’s overtaking my core.
Every tear that I’ve shed, is lost in the deep sea of life,
SOMEBODY; PLEASE; find them, dry them, so I can put down this knife


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