I've tasted
haute cuisine,
The best
life has to offer...
French wines divine
dined a juicy supper...

Ripe Tomatoes
Vines of grapes,
Pineapple Guava
oil of olive
in salad,
cous cous and salami
sup'd on Scallops...
asparagus from the garden
homemade bread
and avocado
and the bakers finest
Gastronomical heaven!

Life has been very good...
from an epicurean
point of view,
If I can't make it
I'll buy it...

I've eaten
creme de la creme
au de currant

from Gouda,
Florida citrus
Lamb from Montana
Potatoes from Iowa
Crepes new Orleans
Broule my desire
truffles de Roca
fennel and chia

Savory delights
have filled my nights
Convened at very fine tables
balconied Banquets
consuming fondue,
spicy sheczhuan
chicken and mushrooms
Duck l'orange, et petit almond!
Drank from  cups
that runneth over
Chardonet Blanc
Whiskey from Ireland
Patron Tequilla
espresso Italian
Soda ala fountain
creme de la creme
au de currant...

Devoured Steak at Sardi's,
Tamales and hot dogs
donuts and ice's
served on the street
Just the smell
of something cooking
gets my mouth watering,

I've traveled far
and wide
for my appetite...
I've eaten this way
all of my life!

creme de la creme
au de currant
creme de la creme
au de currant


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