Creepy, Not Unlike a Stalker

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 16:55 -- ecimase

Across the aisle, I stare

At her her beautiful figure

Wondering how near

I can be, for now, for sure

Breathing heavily,

I watch your every action

Watching anxiously,

When you get distracted

It’s not my fault

I cannot help but follow

Your entire day, all in all

All of it for show

But will you notice me?

Will you be scared?

If you were to see

So, I am very much afraid

Of your rejection

Losing you to others

I may be one thing

But bad with another

Nothing else can satisfy

These desires of mine

That I hold so deep

Maybe I should get help

It makes me wonder

What this means for me

And you, and you

All I can think of

You, the only person

Permeating my dreams

The one and only one

And, as I watch her

Yet, I wonder why

Many see me as

Creepy, not unlike a stalker



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