Credit to Man


United States
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It's having your happiness and hope rejuvenated.


It's being inpsired, being motivated.


"What's uplifting?" you ask.

"Man." I answer.


It's young people talking about thier future

while old people talk about their past

Innocent youthful children laughing at the good thingsthat adults just don't appreciate anymore  

Teenagers staying up late writing poems and stories about the person that they love


It's people disregarding their different races,



or genders

to work togther to make change


It' believing in something you can't see

Believing in something at all.


It's giving a helping hand to those in need

People risking their lives to help strangers

Working the extra shift just to make sure

"Everything is all set."


It's people invisioning something 

and making it happen.

Building skyscrapers,


and homes

Just to better the people around them


It's the people who fight for what they want

and win.

Depending on one another that

when the time comes,

We will all come together

as one body,

one voice,

one message

Fighting for what we want

and win.

"What's man?" you ask.

"Uplifting." I answer.





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