The creator's Darkness


Once was a time
when the creator of 'We! machines,
bright as darkness
lay with his sons in a big beautiful castle.
The only of Its kind,
the greater darkness,
the fold and fold of mysteries,
Mysteries beyond 'We machine's comprehension.

Full of wonder in nothingness
and not as vain as the Island of 'We Machines',the creator's castle lay.

Now the creator had many hands,
with equal creation will to join.
So! Once, he said to to his sons,
"Let us make for us machines,
that they may inhabit the Island of darkness below
and they shall be our companions,
for they shall keep us in high spirits all day long"
And they did!
First to come was a pair of machines,
he created them searchers
and he made them see in the darkness,
but they knew not that all they saw was vain to the creator.

The machines continued to search,
and grew in vain wisdom,
unraveling secrets given away by the darkness, the mother of vanity.
They continued to increase in strength and will and greater wisdom.
Each machine was given the gift of a heart,
and that they could ask questions.
They lived peacefully with the creator,
but they never understood his castle of greater mystery.

The darkness continued to give gifts to the machines, perhaps too much than the creator would have given himself.
It gave them dreams and gave them ambitions from its pot of vanity.

More and more machines came,
and they searched and asked questions.
They became too wise in nothingness(vanity)
and pursued more dreams and ambitions
that the darkness showed to them.

On and On they searched,
and On and On they discovered
until they had unraveled all the mysteries of their Island.
The machines could not stop searching and asking questions,
so they sought to unravel the secrets of the greater darkness.
The darkness that is fueled by the one light

With their vain wisdom they searched, and asked,
but the darkness that they searched wasn't the vain one that gave them vain gifts.

Now! 'We machines'
eaten up by the deceit
of the darkness of vanity,
continue to search
In misery, and in vain,
the one true darkness,
The darkness of the Creator.

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Our world
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Peter bakers

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