A Creative Takeover: Living in Artistic Lines

I am a dreamer

I am a believer

In aspirations I place my hand on the sky

In love with the deep need and yearning to fly

I reach for the limit a few too many times

Passion takes hold of obligation

Preconceived ideas and regulations

Historical motives no longer relevant

I house myself in a new class of character

Dreaming beyond previously drawn lines of disaster


I am a music maker

I am a trouble taster

Melodies attach themselves to my words

Harmonies that illustrate my hurt

Rhythm to match a fervent concern

I’m alive in the waves of it

I strive for expression that doesn’t fit

Meaning wrapped up in the treble clef

Performance as a way of verbal expression

My song lets you into my intimate intention


I am an artist

I am a bizarre kid

Paint splatter speaks to my sentimental soul

Clay forms a shape to fill the huge holes

Specialty in craft, my charismatic mold

The colors are beautiful

They dance on the canvas, delusional

They echo my spirit whose form is nonsensical

My artistic expression replaces palpability

I’m staging a creative takeover of materiality

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