Creative Me

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 15:28 -- Kimm

I like the way I am but I hate the way I seem.

Talented and creative, but it's not for everyone to see.

I'm afraid of what they'd think, afraid of what I dream.

Afraid of the things I think, afraid of the real me.

I'm afraid that what I write will scare everyone away.

The things that I think about make me feel crazy.

I tried to be normal.

I tried to be sane.

I tried to hide the way I am from everyone but me.

The truth is that I love to write.

I love to sing, I love to type.

I love how creative I am.

I hate how bland everyone else seems.

I hate how they look at me.

Somehow, they still see part of the true me.

They see me when they read my works.

They see me when I speak my words.

They only see what I let them see.

Yet, somehow, they still love the Creative Me.


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