Creation Bings the Change

Her palms are wet

Pulse pounding in her throat.

All that runs through her head is the decision she has met

And it is apparent the steady bump is much more than a simple bloat.

Seventeen with the world at her feet

and all she repeats is "What are they going to think?"

She knows there is no way in hell she will face defeat

but again "What will they think?"


Judgement and self-consciousness create fear within so many.

To obtain world peace is a beautiful thought

Yet we need to have a realist thought process in such a company.

To love another for the simplicity of inner peace in this society is less likely than a brain clot.

The self prevailance and constant desire to obtain more has flooded our minds.

We strive to create a beautiful facade for others in terror of the following judgement

All for what? So that we can conceal our faults in these changing times.

Fall ridiculously in love with the flaws of this world and the equivalent.


Perfection is unabtainable.

To care for another, create hope, create a change in the way people behave to the "inferior",

Now that would be amazing, something incredible.

Take the passion one has within, passion for anything, look deep into your interior.

Take it put it towards letting someone know they won't be judgeded by you.

On any account, people desire love, it is how we were created.

To change the judgemental thougt process in so many is a dream I hold too.

This image has vastly through the years been stated.

To truly have such an efficient impact as to where we can learn to wholeheartedly accept another,

Take that young confused girl and show her you love her.








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