Creating A Chronic Soldier

Life is beautiul and dangerous.
Time is an eternal realm and so short,
And yet we fly through it reckless.
Taking for granted gifts of highest courts.

Adventures goals and dreams,
Perfect and almost supernatual health,
Can be suddenly stolen it seems.
A chronic illness, instead of wealth.

Its quite impressive really,
The change of the seasons.
Now though, its all quite silly.
We have no clues or reasons.

A sudden vacum opening in dark,
Ideas, hopes and dreams go,
Just vanishing, without even a spark.
Never having felt so low.

They often say and ask, fight or flight?
Its just not so simple at first.
Just waking in pain, searching for light.
The days pass, crying in thirst.

But then, we all face a choice at some point.
At a crossroads not knowing where to go.
Courage or defeat, which one to appoint?
To act and fight or slip and sink so slow.

Its been days, months and now a year.
The start of the end of my life.
But I couldnt live life capped in fear.
I had to arise and fight, forgetting strife.

My capabilities and time might be small, 
However my mind was free and still strong.
Others have it harder and cant even crawl.
Who am I to complain when I can help along.

My greatest weakeness and imovable boulder,
Was in reality, the hidden Achilles heel
Just choosing to fight created a soldier.
I wont back down, no not even kneel!

Weakness is true, but truer is the mind.
To connect and help others is the gift.
To see struggles, tears and joy to find.
Everyone has trials and we can help lift

Life is beautiul and dangerous.
Time is an eternal realm and also so very short,
And yet we fly through it reckless.
Are you taking for granted gifts of highest courts?

-Joseph Aragon



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