"Cream, Brown, Black, & Blue"

Sat, 10/31/2015 - 21:03 -- jazzyt

I was raised in a house of colors

I drank from Green mugs larger than myself

The carpet was Tan and bed sheets Pink

White sweaters in the closet and Silverware in the sink


But the most beautiful colors I ever did see were the skin of those surrounding me


Cream: for my father's round, pie-like face

A Pillsbury giggle and waddling step

Whenever he is home, the kitchen breaths

He tends to all of our stomachs' needs


Brown: for my mother's strong legs

The womanly sway I always try to match

From her I learn history, politics, and the arts

And how to manage and balance my heart


Black: for my grandmothers' jaded hands

Carved like the flesh of ancient trees

They teach me the ways of the woods

To farm and gather my own goods


Blue: for my uncle's infinitely long arms

They lift me into the clear sky

He pushes me to reach for all of my dreams

To believe and have faith in a destiny unseen


I was raised in a house of colors

Shielded by the love of a thousand shades

I've fallen in love with every hue of

Cream, Brown, Black, and Blue

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