Crazy World

All the hostility all up in the world
I think its time for a change.
I never knew this life could be like this.
Come around the block and shoot the people up.
Rape the little kids like it’s not even a defect.
Keep your stuff in your pants mane stop being like that.

Murder, murder what some want to do
But didn’t even finish high school
Sit it on down
And learn some knowledge.

Look at me like you wanna take my life
Wow there slow your roll.
How the world so corrupted
All the people wanna do is kill.
Just to make others know they real.
Tired, tired of this corrupted life.
Don’t even feel safe walking down the street
Feel like somebody
Just gonna roll up on me.
News taking things all out of proportion.

Westside, eastside
What you dudes wanna rap
But don’t even know the side effects.
Dope deals like for real?
Where you think you gonna get by doing that?

World so corrupted
Mama’s and daddies can’t even pay the bills
Jobs with their low income.
All this hatred, I can’t even take.
It’s about to be an explosion.
People going crazy like illuminati.
Maybe like an volcano
Blow blow, blow
Blow all up.

segregation still around tell me why is that
Having little clicks
Don’t wanna let others in.
Am I not good enough for you?

I thought we were all as one
Hum, I know that I am not dumb.
Color don’t even matter
Stop all the crazy mess.
Boy all this is making me so upset.
I’m not another statistic,
Let me repeat I am not another statistic.
Label us as we are dumb black N’s.
Hum I’m sorry to say your vocab is sounding a bit astray.
Grow some knowledge and feed your brain.
I know your growing
A little bit insane.

This ol world
So how corrupted
Always wanna kill
Others without a reason
Tell me, tell me
What’s really up?

Hostility all in the world.
The People don’t even have no more loyalty.
Kids’ minds so corrupted
Used to watch the cartoon nick 90’s shows
Now all ya wanna do is lay down and make
The babies, smoke, drink until it is a new day.
Somebody please tell me
Punch and kicked your mother and father in the heart
Don’t even know how they felt.
Wishing evil upon yourselves
Cause you not liking the way things go down.
Get ya head together world
For we are not promised each and everyday.
I ask right now whenever are we going to be as one.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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