The Crazy

For years my mind has changed like the direction of the wind.

One day I'm headed North; flowing, singing; no care in the world.

The next day my breeze turns South.

My mind caught up in a dangerous whirl.

Tornados, thunder storms- rainy days and nights.

I struggle to win, my mind's bloody fights.

Some days I am so sure of the direction that I choose.

The next day, fear and emptyness make me lose.

I lose my friends, family, and soon after my mind.

I realize shortly that my worst enemy is time.

Never sufficing moments when I need more;

and seeming to drag on in moments of saddness and bore.

Insanity is known well in this mind of mine.

I sometimes don't know where or when to draw the line.

Days when the sun decides to come out and shine,

I drift happily for a moment and then sadden at the thought of it's end.

Why ruin the moment for myself?

Questions I have yet to answer.

I am my own enemy at times, creating tornados that destroy.

I tear down my own joy.

Love foolishly and play with my heart like it's a toy.

Then pick myself back up and bring a pleasant breeze.

It make's no sense, do I have a disease?

A sigh.

A new direction today. East.

Time to see where this will take me... time...





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