The Craft of Writing

Who do you think you are?

You don't like that phrase?

You don't like how that's said?

Do you think I care that much?

Every person who reads it

will think differently.

So why should I follow your commands?

You might like it, 

You might hate it, 

but I am proud of it

and I enjoy reading it.

You could have a horrible taste in reading

Following what you say,

may be the reason I never sell a single book of mine.

I trusted you, 

and took your advice.


I don't know.

I showed  you my work, 

and asked for your opinion,

I got an entire new poem

that you thought was better. 

I write for me, 

it may not make sense to you

and you may not enjoy it.

You don't have to

I'll do that for you.

But please

respect my way of writing and expression

just as I have learned to respect yours.


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