The Cracks of a Broken Heart

I been through hell, wearing shorter clothes because sex sells

Living in this fabricated reality its idolized to a whore but best believe he will never bring you through mom’s front door. So don’t catch feelings, he wasn’t feeling that

The only thing he wanted to feel, is on you, never knowing the beautiful woman that lies inside

He just wanted bragging rights for touching in between those thighs

No these are not lies, I’m not high, I blame this oversex obsession on the media

If you’re not flaunting your goods, you will just have to wait for mr. Wright but thats not easy, it feels like every defining moment in your life has been a crisis, as though cupid himself has taken back your love license. Your numb, taking in copious amounts of rum

Trying to fuck the pain away but somehow you never seem okay

Okay I’m done, done crying, done taking in lies because it felt good... for a moment

Moments like this make you wish you never existed, like true love’s kiss is a myth

leave it to those fantasies to cause unrealistic expectations

Like I loved you but you don’t even know what love is

Love is more than stability or physical attraction

Love is more than being courteous with your actions

Love is all of thee above

but I guess you never looked that high

You were just letting someone who truly loved you slip by

Through the cracks of a broke cracks of a broken heart



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