My heart feels cold, 
like a dirty piece of ice,
and spreading.
How to stop this 
frigid chill
howling throughout 
my body.
For to long my dreams have
haunted me.
Taunted me. 
Rejected me.
When fate seems so immediate
I forgot that 
the future is 
ever changing.
A revolving crystal
dazzling the multitude.
Be still my cracking heart.
How soft the prism of time 
that holds me in her grips.
I have forgotten.
I have forgotten my innocence.
There was a time I felt good,
simply and beautifully.
A time of magic and dust.
A gentle hush that could content my mind. 
A time not so long ago as it seems. 
But I have transformed.
Transfigured into a creature of night
time pleasantries.
It's not bad really. 
If we put it into perspective. 
I just must look.
"To see the world,"
He said,
"With your heart,
That would be the bravest choice."
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