Cowboy Melody


As the sun started its steady descent

He sat there rocking on his swing

He listened to the birds chirp

And there he quietly began to sing


He sang about the soft blue skies

And the chill carried by the breeze

He imagined flying with the wind

Fearless, wild, and free


He prayed to God, to always thank him

For his friends and family

Asking him to help him become

The cowboy he’s meant to be


Standing now with his shadow to follow

He grabbed his saddle and the reigns

Then he led his horse out yonder

Into the grassy, moonlit plains


Alone, with his horse, and his ten gallon hat

His boots strapped on ever so tight

He gave the horse a light kick and yeehaw

And rode off into the night



My favorite part of this poem was the reality of it. I can see my grandfather doing just this on an evening alone. He often prays to thank God of the man he is meant to be and enjoys singing soft tunes quietly to himself.

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