Cowards' Cause

Fairness, somethin’ extendin’ only in our hands.

Our weak, ivory hands.

We wrap the privilege ‘round our fingers,

stretching it thin as we beg for more.

Brown hands yearn for a glimpse, but we laugh,

Laugh nervously ‘cause everybody know this ain’t right.

Spittin’ out Bible verses,

Walkin’ with the Lord on Sunday, but again

in the Devil’s shackles on Monday.

Preachin’ out Christianity when we don’t treat the

colored folk so Christian-like.

Unbiblical nonsense taught, but it stays.

This wickedness infests our churches.

Now I now we oughta love each other, neighbor to neighbor.

Now I know Jesus didn’t say nuthin ‘bout accepting

inequality in His world, towards His people, His colored folk.

Although we all know the truth, deep down in our sinful hearts,

injustices that don’t affect us are brushed to the side,

without a damn thing said.

Worst of all, we let our children absorb this falseness.

These injustices should enrage us.

We shouldn’t raise our kids this way, thinking: This is it.

Ain’t nuthin ever to be done. Ain’t nuthin ever was done.

Cowards have no cause.

Fairness, something extendin’ as far as God’s (cowardly) men allow it.

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My country
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