I'm Social distancing now so give me six feet.Got to be skeptical of everyone that I meet.I'm ready to un-mask but shit still looks bleak.Instead of moving forward, I'm forced to retreat.Sanitizing and constant washing; not just when I eat.With COVID on the rise, Cancer has taken a back seat.Never thought I'd see something accomplish that feat!  Restuarant's closed for dining so we can't go in.Now it's Drive thru only or you have to order in.I'm watching our class lose, while the upper class wins.Creating COVID equaled losses, but for them, a "win-win".For me, COVID hit home, caught quite a few of my kin.Man, I hope that when it's all over, they really pay for this sin.I'm praying that one day soon, this COVID crap will end.  The way I see it, COVID was created, but GOD still has a plan.He'll show us his divine power and that he's still the man!Elites are flexing their muscles, while unraveling wicked plans.Shifting billions along with power has been the plan of the man.Yeah, I see what's going on, hip to your greed fueled plans.Controlling population, killing millions, while you buy up more land.Karma's coming soon so you better include that in your plans. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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