Hello Covid 19,

The self-made hero

can you hear me!?

Do you realize what you ‘be caused me!

Do you really care?

Did you have to join my enemies!

Time elapsed, days have gone by.

It’s now months

Maybe you want your birthday celebrated

You came as a tourist 

but sought to seek citizenship


Thoughts of you keep me awake.

Stressing and being blue all day

My bright future you made blurry

My studies quarantined

Dreams not only isolated 

but shuttered

my pocket you drained 

made me a debtor 

yet I was a donor

A model to a gardener


staying at home has been a sad song

social distancing is the new norm

sanitizing made me a light skin

Behaving abnormally for long

Like a street arching you made me feel

my smiles not only faded but gone

Living with you feels so wrong


*tales of corona virus*



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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