Cousin Vinny


He’s never around for long

But always there when needed.

Whistling the same song

He triumphs, forever undefeated.


A heavy soul

Dressed in all black.

Always wearing the same leather jacket,

Cold, unknown nights hanging over his strong, but tired back.


His eyes reflect pain,

But his smile forever shines.

Though troubled himself,

He brings ease to those with troubled minds.


He does not know fear,

But understands danger very well.

Though he can be cold and sheer,

I know his tender heart has no shell.


Death does not frighten him,

But vulnerability does.

So once family time is over with,

He leaves,

Returning life back to what it was.


We ask when he’ll come back to visit,

Knowing that time is something he doesn’t track.

So he just smiles,

And leaves,

With no promises of coming back.


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