Courage Through The Eyes of Darkness

Sat, 12/30/2017 - 01:27 -- Just_E

Dear black brothers and sisters,

Battered, beaten, worn and torn.
Dodging trials, as the nation scorns.
Tied and bound,
The Triangle Slave Trade ventured on.
Maltreatment and malnourishment rooted from center.
The value of black lives, became less of a treasure.

As centuries whisked away,
The chains of slaves began to decay.
Rights for freedom and equality paved the way.

A movement, an empowerment, a chain reaction has arised.
Unravelling righteousness, strength and courage.
Beauty and prosperity lies within our fate,
As we soar high above, our Ancestor's segregated gates.

Dignity has risen to conceal the grief,
No longer under our master's leash.
The black race has been set free,
To obtain, accomplish, achieve our prime dreams.

Rays of comfort and hope, alleviates the sky.
Ignited and empowered,
Our talents and success, subdues every evil eye.
Building a firm foundation, Using the bricks that the enemies have thrown.
Tapping into our gifts, as bullets are shot into our midst.

The burden that had befell the black race,
Is masked by our faith and grace.
Shake the shackles from your mind
Pursue your goals, let your abilities unwind.

Destined and gracious,
For the anointing has fallen on the black lather of greatness.


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My country


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