This country and all of its glory

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 11:33 -- Marsee



We never take the time, to see how the country unwinds

and if you do you just might be in for a surprise.


When did this happen? Who would allow this?

For someone to tell us, show us and doubt us.


It feels like someone is lending a helping hand,

pulling you around, telling you how things work in this land.


Except the grasp is a little too firm,

no way to escape whether you wiggle or worm.


And if you manage to escape from the relentless clutch

you will find that the hand is not helping that much.


In fact, you will be casted aside,

seeing that they have chosen someone new by their side.


Was this due to leaving their guidance?

Now your actions are labeled as defiance.


Those that stay with the hand, following by blindness.

Needless to say, there will be no compliance.


What is this “hand”, who is it attached to?

I feel that it represents America’s good intentions

except, overwhelmingly leaves you with false pretensions.


There have always been arguments; that will never change

it is bound to happen and honestly, it should be that way.


But in the midst of arguing, when did this happen?

Freedoms taken away with little to no reaction.


Take 24 ounce drinks for example, wait that is too unhealthy.

Besides does it matter? Just get two 16 ounces and laugh happily.


To me the thought is humorous but upsetting.

Since when can the government dictate what you eat?

What is next, a national ban on hostess treats?


They know people better than they do themselves,

“You don’t want that, besides it is not allowed”.


Above all you must understand,

I don’t hate the government, just what it has planned.


The government is necessary and without it we are lost,

but only the bare minimum is required in most parts.


It is human nature, we should oppose the government.

Strictly because it takes away from our freedoms,

but that doesn’t mean it is unwanted or not needed.


This country has swayed from its original direction,

not that the plans were bad, just people corruption.


Caught in a struggle for money, power, and fame.

These people called politicians know the name of the game.


The only way to fix this is a clean swipe, a fresh start.

Just like someone landing on a pre-owned boardwalk flips the monopoly board.


But that is not feasible, and unpractical to say the least

people must realize the truth if we are to see peace.


The government is not your mother or father,

Though they will try to hold your hand.

They want you to be dependent so you fall into their plan.


People need to see that they can change it if they desire

differences aside, they can aspire higher and higher.


In closing, it has got to be said

this was a conscious stream so just rest your head


You’re allowed to disagree, that is the beauty of it all.

Well at least for the time being, until they pass that law.


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