Counterpart - Byron

Like Romeo & Juliet, fate has decided to intertwine our paths and make us whole.
Stars cross, turn around on one way lanes in order to deter the two from becoming real.
Unlike simple gleams, twinkles of the night, embody the cosmos in our words.
We create the skyline with words that carry the stars in your eyes and the darkness that prowls the black, empty streets of my heart.
We create destiny.
We create convoluted ambiances of perfection that alter perceptions of the sands of time from wounded seconds to scarred minutes, bleeding minutes to rotten hours, and so forth.
Slowly, we've tasted and felt the venom of love corrode the walls of solitude that locked and bounded us to forbidden claims of graceful dreams never reaching the end of the tunnel that makes them live after 9 months of dormancy.
As the walls of our domain decay away, we fall into the pits of heaven where our love unfurls.
Unlike star-crossed lovers engaging in taboo set between rivaled families within tall-tales, this is a story where fate controls no outcome.
We are free to continue our story and make a resolution for our dilemma:
Our dilemma that begins at the point where our 12th past ended.
As we partake, revel, ravage, wring, choke every opportunity
that is given to us, I fall in love with "u".
I fall in love with the vowel "u" that allows me to state an emotion that inevitable exists in you entirely.
I love "u" in the way it exists in you the same way "I" exists in the phrase that envelops you:
I love yo"u".


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