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United States
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A generation of sons flown overseas
Those left at home rendered mute although screaming for truth and peace
Left with no choice but to oversee
Spreading of disease among youth rapidly increase
A deadly illness called counterculture swept the country without warning
Tired of political impotence at nightfall, protest across the nation by mourning
Acts of war in Vietnam intolerable, change must take place
Led by an entire student body whose brothers blood was worn on its face
They created a movement noble and united
Change meant improvement, they were hopeful, excited
Heard around the world, society absorbed the message
Today, such municipal singularity is now just a vestige
Today we restrict variety,
Walking listless and indentured in self-defeating so-called morality, sobriety
But in a society
that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society
Our elders attempt to teach us piety, faith, passion
Instead we worship fashion
We deify rebels and martyrs, markers of insurrection
A growing counterculture with no greater direction
With no greater direction, we hypocritically march into battle
Vegans fighting animal cruelty, riding leather saddles
Only feeding their suppressors, they themselves become the cattle
With no greater direction we use stones against castles
We have many ways to speak but in very few are we heard
Resistance feels futile, all attempts petty and absurd
Powerful voices led the youth's first revolution, Lennon and Hoffman among many
But few look to these leaders for advice, if any
For change today, we need to draw from that past
In order to obtain a purpose which now is scrambled and crass
I believe in change, and I believe we have a chance
I believe that we can and will be heard across an even larger expanse
I believe today's battle can yet be won
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

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