Council of Five


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COUNCIL OF FIVE by Margarita Cavazos

I have a council of five in my forehead.
Sometimes some are out to lunch.
And one or two must answer for them.

They sometimes speak at the same time.
At other times separate and open.

Each bears something slightly different to say.

Sometimes All feel thought trapped.
After all has opinionated a separate view.
Especially when each can fit into each other's shoes.

Or rather I really want them to pause trial.
So I can take it all in.
I just realized this today.
Ten minutes ago or who knows when!

They stay silent when the big brain analyzes.
And I am analyzing them.
But even the brain pauses and stays silent in gear-stall.
Then who is I that writes this poem?

I have a council of five in my forehead.
Each a description on a spectrum.
Vibratile body; each a different way.

My council.

My framework.

Leading me to a final ruling.
After review,
Where there is satisfaction.
Before I journey off again in search of wisdom.

And the big brain will analyze best depending on how awake I am.
After which the council of five must continue to converse.


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