Could It Be?

Tue, 10/15/2019 - 19:04 -- stairs

She seems to catch the attention of all.

Since we were young I was told she came down to our mortal realm on occasion

to cause trouble or to make a day, or life

A silly child's tale it was often passed off as

but it rested in the back of my heart.

When I saw the look of someone new, 

her feminine beauty cascading onto lockers

caressing the eyes of everyone who met her

or maybe it was just me.

But how could they not 

stare as her blonde locks fell like dripping oceans 

and flowed like melting seas.

Her eyes made of rose quartz

and her perfume wafts my way.

Is it coconut?

Yet indicative of pink flowers and 

toes in the sand

blushing lips and tanned skin

how could I not believe in Aphrodite when

someone like her exists.



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