Could of been worse

She can't remember when it started but she can remember all the little touches
All those touches that gave her the chills
The little touches that she thought were accidents at first
But she was so wrong
It kept getting worse and worse as time goes by
But she should be glad that it never got worse
While she only got touched some got worse but she tries not to think about that at all cause all she wants is to forget
Forget how when she was alone with him, he'd try anything just to get close
To get close and to touch her skin
Find anything he could just to feel her all over
The poor girl not even of age has to be scared just to go home
He may not have been her father or brother but it felt so disgusting to have been touched by a family member
Could she have told
Would she have told
What would of happened if she had told
She was terrified to even say a word, so she just sat there and took it hoping it would not get worse
For he was the one who would take care of her grandmother when she and her brother were at school and her mother and aunt at work
Neither her or her brother had a father at home so she couldn't see the comfort of a father and she was scared to tell her mother cause then who would her her grandmother
That's all she could think of cause there was no one else to help
Her self-esteem was already low but it just kept getting lower the more he touched and the further he touched till the day he started to touch her where he wished he never did and insterted a finger claiming it would make her feel good but she just felt disgusted with herself
And to think the days he started to touch her there he had his girlfriend over to stay and help
On one day she and them were home alone and to think she had to walk past their room to here them having intercourse but she was just glad that it was not her
But the thought had to cross her mind that "why if you are doing that to her why are you doing this to me"
You couldn't believe how happy She felt when she heard that he would go over seas one day to live and she hopes he never returns
To this day she wonders what would of happened if she told
Told on the person she once thought as a friend and family
Just for someone else to try and do the same, but that is for another day

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