The Cotton Wool Blues X1

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 23:31 -- Wired6

The smell.I should have realised, yet again,

you'd been between another's thighs.

What a disguise.

What a filthy cotton wool of fucking lies.

What a great show you keep pulling over my eyes.


Every night,once you finally come 2 our bed.

I can smell your hoar.

Your rotten,stinking hoar,

as if she was right there in our bed,

all fucking over your head.


But still I stay quiet and just carry on,

like nothings wrong.One move forward,but two moves on first move,

such am I,a porn move fool for you.

I should just resign,that's what I should do.

Plenty of others would do.


"No Woman,No Cry" Sir Bob Marley said.

He was talking 2 "I and I."

For I will NOT cry over you.

Why should I!

So now,

And now,

And now.

I guess.

I guess

I guess I'm destined 2 harbour your stripped 2 the bone lies.


Don't think I haven't asked myself why?

Why I cling 2 you,a shipwrecked imbecile.

A castaway trying 2 survive,stranded on shore,

hanging on2 an unfulfilled life for life.


Break free,my inner voice screams at me.

But I just cant.

I can't let go of you.

Certainly not 2 she!

Yes,you're a criminal.

But you're MY criminal.

Good and bad,whatever,we'll get through?


But Omg... I wish I knew how 2 ignore the smell of her in your mouth.


©Wired6. 11/11/2021



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