Costume Party

My mother’s love;

a disguise.

She hides her love from me

behind closed eyelids.

She covers her body

with empty bottles

of spiced rum.

A rattle of pills

to call my attention.

She disguised me

with a mask of bruises

and clothes that are too small.

We would play hide and seek.

I hide in my room,

hope she never sees.


His love;

a disguise.

The costume is simple.

Take an empty girl and

puncture gems onto her skin.

Tie her up with a silk bow,

no one would know

The pressure

leaves cracks on her surface.

Because love is often disguised as

jewels and gifts.


My love;


Because I realized

I am at a costume party

So I wear armour

like a knight.

Covering my face,

my body.

No one would know

what is beneath my iron shell.


Then you came to me again.


You saw my cold shield

and embraced me until I warmed.

You had no armour, no mask or cloak.

You hadn't seen me out of costume in years

but your love knew me with any face.

When I run back to you

through the crowds of novelty ghouls

you accept with open arms.

In this moment I know

love is real.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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