A Cosmopolitan's Dream of Life

Is it mathematical genius?

Or was it chemical madness?

A physical anomaly,

Life is not impossible,

But improbable.


It seems the rarity has gone to our heads,

We call ourselves the privileged ones,

The one true offspring of the one true God.


I wonder if other life forms think that,

Not only here, on Earth,

But elsewhere in this vast cosmic calamity of sorts,



I wonder their thoughts about us,

about their galaxy,

about the universe,


I wonder if our view is correct,

with all our laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy,

And biology,


What do they look like?

Our brothers in cosmopolitan citizenship,

And what is their composition?

And are they just like us?


Quantum particles, that we know of,

can only be arranged in 10^10^70 ways,

There are 10^80 observable particles in space,

So there is a chance, that through a Universe

10^100 meters in length any which way,

that one, or two, or three meters of those meters,

Is me.


That though, is a big if,

and if is in L“if”e,

And 10 is in all possible numbers,


So where can life exist?

Well, what is life?

Something that thinks?

Computers think.


Are there any natural made circuit boards?

Why of course!

The brain,


Brains, Brains, Brains,

Big glorious, extraordinary works of art,

The thing that makes us living!

The one made by the universe to experience itself.


Stardust creations,

Universal entropy on a chemical scale,

the result is not only life,

But intelligence.


To think the wondrous beings,

living cells to the Universal conscientiousness,

Maybe one day the Universe will entropify,

Into a being like us.


Or maybe we are just an electron in a bigger atom,

of a molecule, of a cell, of a being, of a world, of another Universe!


Isn't that exciting?

Think of what we don't know,

How can we find out?


Be ravenous for more, more, more knowledge,

To know all we can,

To become our full potential,

As the sailors of the Cosmos,


To return to our roots,

Find old homes,

and explore ourselves,


If there are Gods,

Then we will surely find them,

In ourselves.



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