A Cosmic Pep-Talk

Remember when we talked about the universe?

That ever-growing,never-ending,ever-glowing abyss.

Remeber when Pluto was a planet and parallel dimensions didn't exist?


Yeah me neither.


Because it all made sense

long before it was confirmed

that everything has a place

in this universe.


There's a rhyme and resason

for all of our afflictions.

It's that they didn't happen

in another dimension.


If all those trivial things

didn't happen to you you

who knows what would have happened

to all those other blue yous

or green yous,

or shoe yous,

or infinite-number-of-eye-balls yous.


Your hardships are what keep

the world in balance.

It doesn't fair or right,

and it's often a challenge.


You're not the only one with the universe on your back

we've all been there

and will cut you some slack.


Just remember the lives of all the aliens

you protect

and never forget

nobody's anybody is ever perfect.


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