Corrupted mind

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 10:33 -- Kynnedi

Words flow like the river

Mind sways like a flower

And you have always been told "knowledge is power"

But when your mind is your weakness, what is your power?

Words are racing but your mind is blank

And thoughts creep up like a poisonous snake

Not even free in your own body, you are at stake

At stake of being overcome by an unknown power

If knowledge is power and I cannot even think 

My mind is dark and I continue to sink

I don't even have an escape so I continue to shrink

Under the shadow of my unknown power

When you know too much, you begin to know nothing

And you overthink nothing into something dark

Your river gains sharks

And your flower in shards of the vase that held your power

Because no matter what you may think, your knowledge is power

So never abuse your own power

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