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This house is full of dis-closer, unsettled animosity in which no one will ever care to figure out.

This house is as desolate as a silent mind, a mind death has snuck upon.

These people are over whelmed with such ignorance blinded by pride and words of Christianity.

In this house lies a child of blank thoughts and spiritual eyes.

Her mind corrupt by evil lies and thoughts of depression.

Teenage females that lack self-esteem.

So they tear down walls and wall of confidence in halls that are suppose to protect.

These days are long they wait minutes to go past while this child cries for future to be in the next hour.

These nights are long you can hear them the lost thoughts screaming for help.

Repeating everyday because there is no end these moments are to deal with.

This world is so cold.

Seeing lost souls look for a place called home.

We live in a generation where only young can understand.

A generation in which our mouths no longer speak just our fist and feet.

Rare new technology a cold weapon that brings no peace.

Trends, trends that are not worth following.

Pregnancy, pain, death, weed only a glimpse of success, this world is our house.

So misunderstood where fighting for peace is just as ”ridiculous” as fighting for virginities

Or as these teens misinterpret where now we SEX FOR VIRGINITY.

Guys sell for ability, ability to support.

So how just how do you find peace in this cold house.

This house where you try doing good but its so vague to others.

What do you when you don’t have anyone or anywhere to turn too .

And the ones who you do turn to turn away from you.

They mis react , misunderstand and they never understood.

This house is so complex, how don’t you see whats so clear.

You’re so caught up into you that you never got a chance to actually ever be you.

You can’t even see when a young thing is searching for some peace.

This world or maybe me is disappearing in its depression.

Just like many of us you’re given up on the search to peace to find there’s no peace at all..

Welcome to hell

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