Corrdio- Wolves

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 02:15 -- maleh94

Let me share with you a story
Involving wolves in sheep’s clothing
Hidden in Google’s dark woods[1]
On the lambs they keep enclosing

The corral fence says “high voltage” 
The schools are built on toxic waste[2]
The doors are locked, they have the key
The Wolves just want to get a taste

The board of wolves never listen
Our attendance brings them profit
Running to class to get a seat
These Fifty-five lambs wont all fit[3]

1 billion dollars for iPads[4]
But the teachers can’t pay their rent
“Board expenses are personal”
The school budget stays overspent 

English as a second language
The books bought are irrelevant
The Lambs sound out words in Spa-nish[5]
“No ingles” don’t mean ignorant

The Lambs don’t understand the homework
Their history don’t resonate
What is el Cinco de Mayo?[6]
Nine-sixteen we ALL celebrate

The wolves exploit our ways for profit
They’re hungry for minorities
Another lamb skinned alive
No help from the authorities[7]

These wolves don’t care about learning
Exit exams are policy[8]
Can’t pass CST’, SAT’s
We just know inequality

[1] UC Davis Chancellor tried to hide pepper spray incident from 2011 in the back pages of google by paying $175,000.

[2] School in Irvine built 250 yards from toxic waste dump.

[3] Studies prove crowded classrooms negatively affect the way students learn.

[4] LAUSD contract with Apple

[5] Bilingual education has proven to be more effective when helping ESL students learn English.

[6] May 5th is commonly confused for the Mexican Independence day, which is actually September 16th.

[7] School-to-prison pipeline

[8] Standardized testing has been proven to be a commercial benefit that hinders learning.


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