Corporate Freedom


When we ask where are all the jobs all we get are government lies

The jobs are there, you didn't go to college now are you suprised?

when we ask why does a man get paid more than I do

All I get is work harder and faster

You'll get whats due

When we ask why do corporations get tax breaks, they tell us they're a person

Then all we see is our tax rates worsen

When we ask why our food is ridden with poison and causing an obesity epidemic

They tell us it happens because you let it

But the governments in the corporations pocket

Don't fool yourself there's no way you could stop it

Now what if...

A working man loses his job

his wife isn't "qualified" for a promotion

the kids drop out and theres no money for college

fast food is the only thing that feeds the bills and the bellies

which lead to the obesity and ofcourse theres no money for healthcare

but at the end of the day this family still pays its taxes

while the food corporation relaxes

 now are you surprised?


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