your heart holds on to hope,

yet your mind is hanging off on the edge of that rope,

your pulling and fighting but in reality your just trying to cope,

with people going for toilet paper what next soap?


stay away indoors where your safe six feet apart,

keep your dreams and memories at heart,

it's okay that the world feels like it's falling apart,

write down your feelings and just try for a start,


it is not easy but you can make it through,

there's so much that they knew,

everything was a bit normal before covid-19 grew,

now it affects our present day life and you,


holding in holding back a fear that has no limits a virus that did appear,

all the information is very clear,

in the u.s it's here  everywhere near,

it sucks away joy,happiness, and some cheer.


dreams on hold ,

the truth beigns to unfold,

the world seems bleek and cold,

dreams and events seem so far away and old,

it won't last forever or so we are told.


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