Corner Store Love

I'm sick and fed up with this corner store love.

Relationships aren't meant to be worn like gloves.

I stay in your palm when the timing is right,

But you toss me aside by the end of the night;

where I sit in my corner and wait

for another excuse as to why you are late

or not here at all.

Didn't you say you would come in the fall?

Oh, but January sounds "sooo" much better;

that way you can escape the frosty Texas weather.

Well you know what?

I hope it does actually get cold.

And I hope you freeze your ass off.

Because my patience has decided to blast off.

The open sign's been flipped and I'm locking my door.

Go find someone else to be your corner store.

Because the concept of parenting is foreign to you.

I only had your support when it was convenient for YOU;

or when you wanted tax benefits.

But now, when I'm all grown up and four states away.

I'm no longer  a puching bag, pawn, or a maid.

I am completely, one hundred and ten percent done.

Your game is all over, I hope you had fun.

Because I didn't,

And your bullshit is inconvenient.

Maybe one day I'll call you back when I have time.



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