A Copy Of You

Inspired by true events

Is there a copy of you somewhere else?
Yesterday I beheld an unbelievable event.
A woman in a black dress walked in late.
The scent of your favourite perfume instantly filled the hall.
I looked at her, and I literally saw you.
I was familiar with everything about that woman.
Her presence made me want to slip away from the meeting;
I just could not stay inside the building.
You may think I am insane, but I know what I saw.

I almost died from astonishment when she came closer.
Her body was the same size as yours,
And she was wearing your preferred hairstyle.
She had your adorable face,
She had a fair complexion like you,
She had your pretty nose,
She had your sweet, sexy eyes,
And she spoke with a soft voice as you do.
I could not tell the difference between her and you.

She definitely bore an extreme resemblance of you.
Unfortunately she sat down beside me in the back row,
And a sudden uneasiness swept over me.
My heart was trumping fast and I started to lose focus.
I could not hear what the speaker was saying.
I kept looking at her and it sparked somaesthesia in me.
No doubt she was wondering why I looked so dazed,
It was hard to accept that you were not there.

I believed that in time I would get over the loss of your love,
But I have tried unsuccessfully to forget you.
It was the most frightening experience I have ever had.
I cannot pretend that it did not happen,
For I am certain that I was not hallucinating.
You do not have a twin sister and it was not you,
So it had to be either an apparition or a copy of you.
Who or what else could it have been?

I could not bear to sit there with her any longer.
I was getting emotionally weak as the minutes went by.
Suddenly I felt tears rolling down my face,
And that was when I got up and went outside.
I began to miss you more intensely when she appeared.
The dulcet memories of you came back to me,
And I felt you in my presence once again.
Was it a copy of you or did I actually see you?


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