when I went to my girls house,

we encountered a mouse cop,

all I did was nod,

but he said who ran in the fucking house?

Not even for a minute i thought to bounce,

I thought the fuck?

a cop talking like that?

Cops are  just a bunch of crap,

I have a real good knack,

I don't stay quiet!,

i've come here to pass the griot,

if this doesn’t work I think i'll have to cause a riot,

Does this happen everywhere or just in Logan,

Do cops think they have the shoe Brogan,

He said don't bullshit me,

Really you aren't in my eyes

you don't know what is see,

she was just talking trying to explain,

I was horrified with bane,

he also said keep playing this game,

& tomorrow I'll come as fast as a flame,

and trash the shit out of it,

but if I could i'll toss him in a pit,

I admit I was Mad like my dad,

In reality I would brutally kill him,

but I can’t cause i'm too much brim,



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