Cool Girl

Cool girl doesn’t get jealous

Cool girl doesn’t ask “to talk”

Cool girl has sex whenever you want her to

And cool girl has been good to me!

A perfect mask, designed for me and by me

But cool girl isn’t working anymore

I am jealous

I want to talk

I don’t always want to have sex

I grew to love you

Like a dandelion through asphalt

Or any other cliche

And this is good

I’m growing

I’m learning

And cool girl?

She’s been there

She was there the first time and the second and every time

But now?

She’s cracking

She’s crumbling in my fingers and I

I don’t know what to do

Cool Girl

She isn’t real

She’s a shadow

And she knows it

“My work here is done”

“You are a cool girl”

“Now, go feel”

But she’s leaving too fast!

I don’t want to be jealous

It’s ugly

Who would want me without cool girl?

Cool girl who prefers whiskey over wine

Cool girl who talks about sports

Cool girl who watches anime

But, I prefer whiskey over wine

And like sports

And watch anime

Without cool girl

Cool girl just makes it cool

Cool girl doesn’t like things for her

She likes things for you

But that’s not how it is anymore

And that’s terrifying

I’ve had cool girl to hide behind for years

I’m going to miss her


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