Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I am cookie dough ice cream. This particular flavor contains not just ice cream, but another tasty treat as well. Although basics such as vanilla and chocolate are wonderful, adding cookie to the mix makes it more unique, and takes away the opportunity to put one general label on what the flavor is. This unusual blend represents my personality. I refuse to wear a label. I am a girl who cannot be categorized, due to the amount of similarities I have with all types of people.  Cookie dough ice cream may not have an attention-grabbing color, but if given a chance can prove to be surprisingly extraordinary. I may be more shy and reserved, but getting to know me a little better I can shock you with what I am capable of. We have all been warned that eating raw cookie dough is bad because it is not cooked all the way through. I am learning more each and every day, and I must say I am becoming a very smart cookie. This flavor may get over looked, but each spoonful is bursting with flavor. I am cookie dough ice cream.

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