1. My face is so hot, but what can I do? I’m only like this when my thoughts are of you. We’ve had some rough times in the past (all my fault, once again. so sorry), but we’ve healed once again. This time I won’t slip up, I promise.

Haaa- do you hear that? I’m so calm right now. No, of course, why would I make that up? You do understand how this works, yes? Nod once if you’re all caught up. I’ve done the required reading, but I don’t mind if you copy my answers. I’ll always be here for you, so will you do the same?

Promise? Here, give me your pinky. Oh no, don’t give me that look- I thought you told me it was cute. You didn’t? Okay, never mind. I’ll be more careful next time. Thank you very much for your time.

(okay, I did lie- I wasn’t so calm at all)


2. A quick and sudden rain- I’ve been told we will be perfectly safe here. Just so you know, I am comfortable with you holding my hand. If the sound scares you, we can snuggle up tight.

What are my qualifications? Well, when I swore to protect you, I never really thought of that. Please don’t go- stay dry and warm in my company. I don’t want you to disappear, a blurry image in this quick and sudden rain.


3. I fill in the gaps where you don’t speak. Where could you have gone? Home. Where is home? Away from me, I suppose.


4. Silence- it hits me hard. You don’t respond. I have you captive at least for a short while. I quit, I quit.


5. I’m indifferent, indifferent. Scold me as you wish, but I’m far beyond this place. I’m elsewhere, elsewhere. Oh, the clouds are parted so perfectly today, I can’t take my eyes off them.

Haaa- I can barely hear a thing from up here. Your lips are moving but I’m falling behind. What volume! Are you yelling, dear? Are you yelling at me? Haaa- I’m so long gone, long gone.

I can’t come back- not now, not ever. I’m so happy here, so long as it doesn’t rain. Please don’t send storm clouds my way. Your face is flushed. I am indifferent.


6. Hello, goodbye- you’re still here? Oh, I left maybe an hour ago. I do hope that you haven’t been waiting on me this whole time? You have? My bad, so sorry. I’ll be a little earlier next time (maybe).

Oh gosh, you seem so different today (or maybe it’s just me?). How long were you standing there, again? (I’ve already forgotten).

Haaa- do you see that? The clouds are parting perfectly. Today might just be my day. Well, I’m off- no, I’m sorry. I have another prior engagement.




FYI: I have a Fiction Press account where I have posted many of my poems.

Ths poem is NOT plagerized :D

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