Conversation with the modern female rapper Part 2

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 22:12 -- Soulae


I know you didn't think that I was just gon let you slide,
Let all the stuff that you saying just walk by,
And slap me in ma face,
 you caught ma eye,
Not in a good way,
You made that little tear crawl out my eye,
Cause tha disapproval of ya lyrics
the hiphop beneath my skin wasn't moving,
I didn't nod my head to ya music,
I couldn't tap my feet to tha beat,
So you know it's bad,
Not Michael Jackson bad,
But it's real bad if I can't feel ya,
I know you got talent I hear ya,
it's all in ya flow,
You can rap I give you that,
But your not using your most valuable...
Your words,
Their being abused,
Wait a minute I see a bruise on ya mic,
Let me help you out and put a bandaid on it make it feel better,
Move ya lips you hurting it,
That's better,
Now let's get back to you,
I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you,
This is not a battle,
So don't take it the wrong way,
Come back don't walk away,
Why you scared,
Come walk my way and hear what I gotta say,
Don't get all defensive,
Put your guard down,
Get ya fist outta that position,
Stop tryna act hard miss cause it don't fit ya,
I been looking for you for a minute,
where you been?
I'll answer that for you,
You got me angry over here,
I miss you,
But it's like you don't care,
You don't hear me talking to you?
I'm talking to you,
What's it gon take for you to pour out some passion,
You ain't gotta yell and curse all the time,
But if that's who you are than I'll leave it alone,
That's fine,
But do you gotta keep disrespecting yourself and talking about sex,
There's a time and a place for everything and I'm sorry but your timing is wrong,
I get it your grown,
You can say what you wanna say,
But you got people like me that wanna hear you spit lyrically,
 not sexually,
Trust me there's a big difference,
You would know if you'd stepped outside of the business
For a sec,
And reflected on the reason that you got in this,
You wanted to rap right?
You wanted to put your city on the map right?
You wanted to bring that real hip-hop back right?
Than man what happened,
You left me.
I typed in ya name on google to see what you been up to,
And said I should listen to 7 of you,
Three of you came up first,
Nicki, Iggy and Azealia,
Let me see,
 imma talk about you first Nicki,
I respect ya hustle,
You been grinding for a minute,
I was witchu when you first came out,
 back in 07,
You was hot,
You had a big buzz for ya self,
When ya mixtape came out,
I was on it,
I heard it,
The playtime is over,
You was fresh, had sass, and dope lyrics to match,
Ya style was similar to lil kim's
The rumor was... you was biting off Kim
But I saw it as a compliment,
Hope that wasn't the case,
But anyway,
I became a fan of you when I heard autobiography,
You sampled beanie siegel's track,
Feel it in the air,
That song was real,
I felt it,
I know it came from ya heart,
Ya passion was evident,
Again, I felt it,
I played that song hard,
Faithfully all the time,
I knew every line,
Then you had another song,
you did a freestyle to Biggie's warning,
I liked it cause it came from a females perspective,
Had a twist to it, was relatable and creative,
Nicki you not wack,
so don't let nobody tell you that,
But I gotta be real witchu,
you acting wack,
you not on the same tip that you was on,
I'm not saying your not supposed to grow artistically as a MC,
But lyrically I can't feel you anymore,
You rapping about stuff I can't relate to,
I feel like you gone
I ain't hating on you,
I'm just stating the facts for you,
I know you signed to young money 
But it's time you stopped rapping about money and your sexuality,
Ain't nothin' wrong with being sexual but it's a classy way to talk about it,
I'm not dissing you,
Just speaking on ya music,
You got young girls that look up to you,
They ain't got no one to teach em which way to go,
You been given that privilege,
How could you damage it,
I get it your not perfect,
No one is,
So don't use that as a excuse,
I know,
Your not their mom or dad but once you put that pen on that paper and get those lyrics flowing your a teacher,
Your voice is powerful,
That's how you got ya fans,
They listen to you when you speak,
I just think you need to get back to the real Nicki,
 that wasn't misguided by the money,
Talk about where you came from,
How people in the hood is dying and struggling,
I know you got it in you,
Just be real,
Speak from ya soul,
That's all I ask of you,
Now iggy and azealia I don't know y'all that well,
Y'all new comers to this business,
But I guess I can give a little wisdom,
Iggy I like you,
You got a cool flow,
You remind me of an exaggerated Charlie Baltimore,
Don't take that as a diss,
That's a compliment,
But I wish your words would overpower your clothes,
So when I watch your videos I'll hear your words first,
 then to see less clothes,
But I guess that's how this business goes,
Azealia I can't say that I've heard a lot of your music,
But you got talent,
I saw one of your videos and I'm sorry I wasn't impressed,
It's so easy to sell sex,
It's so easy sell anything in this business really,
But try digging deep into your soul,
And pulling out something original that hasn't been done before,
For the rest of the rappers that I saw on the website,
 that I liked,
 Angel haze, 
Jean grae,
And Gifted gab,
Y'all hot,
I like all four of y'all,
Y'all got talent,
This is what hip hop is missing,
MCs that make you listen,
By the passion in their lyrics,
And y'all got it,
I don't even have a favorite female MC cause there's so many that I love,
But I hope y'all can keep putting out passion and don't get sucked in by this industry that wants you to sell out and go mainstream,
ain't nothin' wrong with that though,
Going mainstream,
but every time that happens to a rapper it seems like they ain't the same,
If you ask me I'll take underground ova mainstream anyday,
Y'all keep doing ya thing,
You got my vote,
Imma fan,
I'm outta here.


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