Conversation with the modern female rapper Part 1

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 21:15 -- Soulae
If you a female rapper than I'm talking to you 
Listen I ain't gotta yell at you or curse at you to get your attention,
All I gotta do is show you my passion,
Imma just talk to you like a normal person and have a real conversation
Im looking at you cause your representing what I love,
 I see you got those metaphors,
You doing good,

But last time I checked rap was more than just a contest
I know you tryna be the best but show me ya heart and express,

I see you competitive and dont want no other female rapper to live,

thats cool,

I respect it cause what would rap be without real competition,

But what happened to those days where you shared ya mic,
Invited other female MCs on ya stage,
Showed love and respect for the old and the new,
Did you miss the platform that you standing on,
Hip hop is about love not hate,
It started so people can come together and stop the violence in the streets,
 but you pulling them apart with your ego,
It's about expression that only comes from ya heart,
I don't know where yours is coming from,
You used to make me proud,
Like James brown 
You gave me life with those simple storytelling lyrics that had me like,
She's dope,
I feel this,
Did you hear what I said,
I feel this,
Do you even feel anymore,
I know you got a heart,
Have you felt it lately,
That's where your lyrics need to come from,
Not from down low,
If you know what I mean,
You keep disrespecting yourself now you know what I mean,
What's going on in your life,
How do you feel when you wake up,
When someone hurts your feelings what happens,
Talk about life cause what I'm hearing is nothing close to it,
A couple of you I respect to the fullest,
The rest I can't speak on it,
I respect ya hustle but your lyrics I can't do it,
When you first came out I was witcha music but your music changed once you got money in ya hands,
You wasn't rapping the same,
And not in a good way,
Your music became superficial,
I can't relate to you no more,
I need you to come back to the soul,
That's where you belong,
But you gone so I guess I can't say nothing to you,
Cause you Hollywood,
Step into reality,
You locked in a business,
You rapping for the system,
Come back to your roots,
I know you miss em,
The first female I listened to was MC Lyte the last one was Lil Mama,
Somewhere in between there's talent but there ain't no passion,
Just drama,
Passion ain't cursing,
Stop tryna act hard when you sensitive,
Just show your heart,
You tryna stomp with these males when you might be better if you just be yourself,
Cause half of them is trash anyway,
 Don't try to fit in or bash anyone,
Stick to you,
Cause as long as you do, you winning,
And will never lose,
Forget the judgements and the views,
Be real,
Be creative,
Have passion please,
But don't forget above everything I could tell you just be YOU.
I'm done talking,
Cause you den made me angry.


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