Controversy of the word GAY

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 00:59 -- SUClark


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Am I gay? Homosexually or Happily which one?
Answer the question
Help me see what you see
I feel like i have a choice here
A choice so strong others may have to see it for me

Heres the story
i feel as if the love for Him is like none other
I feel excited in His presence because of the quickly filled joy i receive from Him
like a shaken bottled soda ready to be opened
I feel as if He is my Lord and i am a worker in His tower which i am a servant of and delighted to be
I feel He is my shield in times of trouble i can hide and abide
Am i in love with Him and in what He does for me?
Can a man be in love with another man? I am? I am both gay and happy

I would have never thought that love would be used to express how i feel about another man
Never would i have said I'd be catching heart-felt desires with a dude and actually be happy to be a future bride to this groom
Never would i give compliments to another man or show affection of any sort
crying, kneeling, praising, worshipping, and all it's amazing imprisonment
But i have heard concerning love anyone and everyone are servants to the word

What kind of love is this, is that
that this man i speak of would be killed
See He sacrificed Himself for love, for me, for His bride
Knowing that losing Himself for love will result to me finding myself from him, for love

Like online dating i first seen pictures,
read about Him, but i never seen him, physically before

Am I in love with this man? Is that possible?
Every feeling and never would have s has been the greatest feelings of happiness and joy i have ever experienced

What type of man would have His fingers wrapped around me
Well.....Well....Jesus the Christ the man, the groom, the person i have never seen,
except for hypthetical drawings, movies, and frequent readings
was, is, and always will be the best thing that ever happened and happen to me

So AM I GAY? Please answer for me?


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