This morning I woke up and it was controversial.

My skin glowed caramel under the sun and it was controversial.

Today my curls danced with humidity and legs wore a thin layer of fuzz and that was controversial.

Today I appreciated the soil underneath my soles and it was controversial.

Yesterday I despised the glittering rain and that was controversial.

I called her eyes beautiful and that was controversial.

He called me a dyke and it was controversial.

She called me too femme and it was controversial.

But I loved her anyway, painfully controversial.

They spat out ‘spic and it was controversial

But she also sang out ‘woman of color’ and that too was controversial.

Today I smiled for the first time in three days and that was controversial.

Yesterday my tears carved themselves into the sides of my face and that was controversial.

I asked myself questions and found it controversial

Yet my answers were indeed as well too controversial.

I finally loved myself for lingering seconds in the split of today’s dawn but that was in itself the most controversial.

I existed yesterday, today, and will exist tomorrow

And that is always, will be always, controversial.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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